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The goal of the EU-LIFE-Projekt CMA+ (PM10 reduction by the application of liquid Calcium-Magnesium-Acetate (CMA) in the Austrian and Italian cities Klagenfurt, Bruneck/Brunico and Lienz) is to achieve a measurable reduction in environmental pollution.

The application of CMA as a "fine-dust glue" in winter as well as in summer should be optimized, demonstrated and evaluated. In winter CMA is not only used to bind dust, but also as a de-icing agent. Liquid CMA is spread onto unpaved surfaces (construction sites, dirt roads) in cities to suppress dust. Tests performed with CMA as a fine-dust-glue in the context of KAPA GS have shown that a marked decrease in fine dust pollution in proximity to streets is achievable.

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The Project CMA+ has been running since January 2009 and will expire at the end of September 2012. CMA+ has a total budget of € 2,720,033.00, of which almost 50% is funded by the EU. The International Fine Dust Congress has been held in Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee at two-year intervals since 2007.

This is the link to the project website.

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